Photo 1 Feb Breakfast from the 5th floor - at Alexanderplatz, Berlin
Fergus ‘Billy Bodean’ Scott

Breakfast from the 5th floor - at Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Fergus ‘Billy Bodean’ Scott

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Timelapse goes Bollywood!

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“Heydar Aliev Centre” in Baku, Azerbaijan by Zaha Hadid Architects

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The Moonbows of Yosemite

Yosemite Nature Notes - 15 - Moonbows (by yosemitenationalpark)

Link 5 Nov 23 notes Matt Barnes photography blog: Albert Watson»


Photographing a fellow shooter can be a daunting task - a task made ever the more daunting when that shooter is a photographic idol…

On Friday, Matt was invited out by Vistek to a lecture that they were putting together for photographer Albert Watson. This in itself was an exciting…


Photo 18 Sep 2 notes Firewhirl: Curtin Springs, NT, Australia

Firewhirl: Curtin Springs, NT, Australia

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ahhh coolest thing ever

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Just finished watching this. So inspiring.


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A collection of starlings is called a……Murmuration

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French street artist OakoAk sees the world through a very creative set of eyes. Inspired by pop culture icons and current social issues, he creates fantastically fun works in the unlikeliest of places. [via]

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Mission Chinese from Sunday Paper on Vimeo.


This is just great great great. awesome short film “Mission Chinese” In Mandarin w/subtitles. 

awesome, very bloody, but awesome

Link 20 Jun Epic Storms - Photo Gallery - Pictures, More From National Geographic Magazine»
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AMAZING!…. ”Back in Black” and “Thunderstruck” Mashup of AC/DC by Russell Fallstad and Adam DeGraff, both playing the violin.

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